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Massive Online Open Course They go by many names, eLearning, Content Management Systems (CMS), Learning Management Systems (LMS, )Education Content Management Systems (ECMS), Learning on Demand (LOD) or simply Online Education or Onlne Courses. 2.6 million college students are enrolled exclusively in online courses, according the most recent stats from the National Center for Education Statistics. 77% of US companies offer online corporate training to improve the professional development of their employees. The Internet has changed education and training on every level. Wisdomakers enables you to take advantage of the latest learning and training technology.

Wisdomakers Features
  • Paid or unpaid registration
  • Responsive – works on any web-capable device
  • Unlimited chapters/sections
  • Unlimited text, images, video and/or audio
  • Student controlled document downloads
  • Timed or untimed chapters/sections
  • Unlimited number and size of quizzes and/or exams
  • Flexible quiz and exam locations
  • Timed or untimed quizzes and exams
  • Built-in validation/security verification
  • Graduation/completion certificate printing
  • Remote reporting and database updating
  • Unlimited FREE support
The future of education/training

    my online driving course Educating and training students, employees, customers and enthousiasts online will continue to grow for some substantial and obvious reasons. The most important reason why educators and trainers choose Wisdomakers is efficiency. Why struggle with instructor and student travel, limited classroom space and incovenient hours? Wisdomakers delivers your educational and training content anywere, any time at a cost that's surprisingly reasonable.

Who needs Wisdomakers?

Wisdomakers provides online teaching and training platforms for:

  • Academic institutions – colleges & universities
  • Degree programs
  • Vocational training schools
  • Certificate programs
  • Certifying agencies
  • Distance learning programs
  • Recreational training programs
  • Continuing Ed organization
  • Customers/end users for roduct training
  • Corporations
  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Government agencies

"I left UMass Amherst before earning my degree. Decades later when I decided to finish, I found a program called University Without Walls. I lived 3,000 miles away from Amherst. UWW allowed me to finish two semesters without ever stepping foot on campus. I got more out of those two semesters than I had from three years as a full-time, on-camput student. It was all delivered by my computer."

Harry M., Redondo Beach, CA

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  • You don't have to be technical

    Wisdomakers handles all the technical aspects of setting your course or material up for delivery over the Internet.

  • We connect to your web site

    We supply a simple link for your web designer to include on your existing web site. One click and students can register or sign up for your course. It's that simple.

    There is no quicker, easier way to get your content online and deliver it to the widest possible audience.